Monday, January 9, 2012

Sleep...What is that?

Ugh...this Momma did not get to sleep! My mind was going a mile a minute up until 12:00am, then I finally fell asleep but tossed & turned, 4:00am came WAY too fast...then my sweet hubby had to work a 10.5hr shift, so I had to get two very sleepy girlies up & ready & out the door w/me to drop off at daycare at the crack of dawn! Ali was so confused that she thought it was the middle of the night & that Daddy was going to pick them up in the morning! My poor sweet thing, reality is 5am is morning even when the moon is still shining bright in that dark sky above!! So now here I am at halfway done, little makeup and hoping that my coffee will give me that boost to make it through the day! At least I know what's for dinner...This is going to be a Momtastic Day...I can just feel it! =0) 

Well today was not totally what I wanted it to be but we did have some great giggles & laughs before one little monkey decided to nose dive of my high bed!!  Now we have a little red nosed monkey who almost had to have momma call the doctor!  Oh my Izzy!  She is doing fine now but her little nose will probably be sore in the morning!  Thank God for insurance!!  Izzy is going to be my gamer/computer tech girl.  She is unbelievable with her Mobigo & her sister's DS!  Oh and if there is a matching out folks 'cause she is gonna win!  Not quite three and she remembers where things are that I am still looking for!  For example...last night she is already asleep & Ali brings out a colorwonder marker w/no lid.  We couldn't find it so I placed it in a ziploc bag so it wouldn't dry out.  Almost 24hrs later, Izzy sees the marker in the bag & says "My Marker!"  I told her we had it in there because we don't know where the lid is.  She jets off into her room & in 2.2 seconds comes out w/lid in hand!  WHAT?!  Yep, she knew exactly where it was at! 

Then there was my Ali...who totally amazes me on how much knowledge she has in her 6 year old brain!  She is reading, sounding out words, counting to 100, sings, is doing math (which they don't even really learn in kindergarten) and sat down and wrote 1 to 30 w/o blinking an eye or asking what's next ~ BOOM ~ she did it all by herself!  I am so proud!  And the questions she asks are structured in such a way that you thought she was more like 10 years old than 6!  I believe she is my engineer in the making and/or Worship Ministry Pastor!!

Well...back to sleep!  Still not sure what a "good night of sleep" is but prayerfully the girls are getting a good night of sleep tonight!  They both were in bed, cuddled up & out by 7:45!  Oh please Dear God...please let them sleep until at least 6!  I know that their Daddy & I would both be thrilled!  Now, if I could just start calming down, preparing for rest and go to bed after V calls me on his break...ah...that would be so nice! 

So my Momtastic moment today was having two sweet girlies run up to me screaming MOMMY WE MISSED YOU when I picked them up from daycare!  I love my mom-job!

**Side note** I know that my blog sasy MOMTASTIC...Working Mom's Unite!  I just want all my friends who are stay at home Mom's to know that you so fit into this category too...we just might have a few areas of different stresses and duties at times but we all can still relate to each other on MANY levels of being a Mom & trying to be Momtastic!!


  1. Oh my friend, I can totally relate to that. My tail is dragging this morning. Billy's was too. Not a good night for sleep all the way around. Praying you have a blessed day and many joys along your journey.

  2. Who needs sleep? ;) I know that feeling! Some nights/mornings are just crazy, aren't they? This was our first morning back in the routine where we all needed to leave by was a little rough, but we made it!